Here goes… once again.

This isn’t my first rodeo and it’s definitely not my first blog.  I’ve had 2.  2 blogs with two totally different themes.  They were both OK at best and I would even go so far as to say I had a little bit of a following.  One of them actually got me published.  I had a friend who would edit posts for me and he hated both of the blogs.  It wasn’t that the content or even the writing was bad it was what he finally said one day after ripping my shit apart.  “Who are writing to?  When I read this I can’t tell it’s you.  Just write like you’re talking to me and stop writing liking your grandma is going to read this.”  He was right.

So here’s the plan.  As of today, November 9th 2015, I’ve spent 127 days in hotel rooms around the world since the beginning of the year.  I travel for a living.  It sounds awesome, I know, but the truth is for every great day on the road there are many more that plainly suck.  This blog will be an escape.  A chance for me to just write as I rot away in a hotel room.  My commitment is to post every day that I’m sitting in a room not my own surrounded by tiny bottles of soap and shampoo.  It will be done unedited and “off the cuff.”  I will not plug this blog on social media or push it on anyone for the sake of readership.  I cannot guaratee the soberness or the completion of thought.  So with that being said, here goes…

I’ve only been to one rodeo.


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